We understand the despair and stress that you feel when your close one leaves you. We provide the most sincere and most professional service to guide you on the funeral arrangement. We are one call away to provide you with the most efficient service by our professional team.

Since 1950, Teck Hin Undertaker has been providing a one-stop funeral arrangement and services to bereaved families who have lost their loved ones. Our main objective is to assist the bereaved in every possible way, giving them a peace of mind and assurance of professional funeral arrangement with quality services at affordable prices.

Mission And Vision

With over 60 years of experience, our team stand by the following values: professionalism, sincerity and responsibilities. We provide the best service and quality funeral products. We provide the most reasonable cost without any hidden charges. Right from the start, our team will assist and guide you throughout the whole funeral process.


Company History:



1950s - Mr Tay Yeow Leng, 郑友亮 founded the business of Teck Hin Undertaker in Singapore shortly after arriving from Kit Yang , China. Teck Hin Undertaker started off with basic coffin trading business at Upper Pickering Street catered solely to the Teochew Community.

Mr Tay Yeow Leng



1960s - To increase the value of the Teochew community, Teck Hin Undertaker expands to also providing funeral services.

1970s - After the departure of Mr Tay Yeow Leng, the family business was then handover to the only son Mr Tay Kong Seah, 郑坤成- a.k.a 亚弟. Due to expansion, Teck Hin Undertaker also shifted to a larger location at River Valley.

 Mr Tay Kong Seah


SoonPheng 1980s – Due the acquisition of the land by the government, Teck Hin Undertaker has to shift to its current location at Jalan Pinang. The business was then handover to the current owner Mr Tay Soon Pheng, 郑顺平.As Singapore is a multi-racial society, Mr Tay Soon Pheng decides to expand its services outside the Teochew community. This also includes the acquisition of another funeral parlour in Sing Ming road.Present – Over these years, Mr Tay Soon Pheng is actively involved in the Teochew Association and Grassroots activities. Due to his commitment to the Grassroots activities, he is awarded the Public Service Medal (Pingat Bakti Masyarakat) in 2006. Mr Tay Soon Pheng also held various committee positions in the Teochew Associations. He also held the position of Vice Chairman in Seu Teck Sean Tong Bedok.Together with his family, Teck Hin Undertaker continues to provide one-stop funeral arrangement and services to the people in Singapore.


Mr Tay Soon Pheng PBM



Being the 4th generation successor of Teck Hin Undertaker, after graduating from Ngee Ann Polytechnic on 2001, giving up on my profession, I took over the family business. Focused on the family business for 13 years, I have helped numerous family to send their final farewell to their deceased family member.In the past, the Undertaker business was not a recognized business, but I disagree. I felt that it is a very meaningful service that helps other people when they are stressed over the loss of their family member. In all the customers that I have serviced, I have shown them professionalism and responsibility to ensure they are well taken off during the course of the ritual. My motto is: 待客如亲,待死如生。 This mindset keeps pushing me to strive for the customer needs.

As the needs of the society is changing, we will lead our team to suit the needs of each family. And to help them through the final journey of their family member.

Marketing Manager

Ben Tay’s message



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