Why is a Family-Owned Funeral Service Preferred?

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When choosing a funeral service, you may want to research if the business is owned by a local family or ran by a large corporation. Knowing the difference will make difficult times easier for you and your entire family.


The Advantage of Family-Owned Funeral Service

With family-owned funeral service, everything they do reflects their lasting commitment in providing affordable, quality funeral arrangements to the community. They are operated by families who have been in funeral services for generations; they understand that trust is built slowly over time. These funeral specialists have deep roots in the community they live in and serve, and therefore, more sensitive to the needs of the community.

When dealing with a major event, turning to a funeral director whom you know and trust can make a world of difference. They can give you the personal attention and care that you deserve, and the support that you will need after the funeral is over. You will receive the outstanding professionalism that only generations of service can cultivate, along with the highest quality of casket and other funeral products.


Teck Hin Undertaker: Supporting You in Greatest Time of Needs

Since 1950, Teck Hin Undertaker has been providing one-stop funeral services in Singapore to bereaved families who have lost their loved ones. We understand the despair and stress that you feel when your close one departs. We provide the sincerest and most professional service to guide you in the various pre-funeral planning and post-funeral arrangements.

Our main objective is to assist the bereaved in every possible way, giving them a peace of mind and assurance of professional funeral services at affordable prices. From Christian or Taoist arrangements to Teck Hin Buddhist Funeral Services, the company treats every passing with the greatest of care and sensitivity, helping loved ones heal and focus on recovering from their loss. Please bear in mind, we will be one call away from supporting you and your family when the needs arise.

“As the needs of the society change, we will lead our team to suit the needs of each family. And to help them through the final journey of their family member.” — Ben Tay, Marketing Manager and fourth generation of Teck Hin Undertaker.